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The Administrative Assistant will work part-time in a clerical capacity and as a bookkeeper.  They will work at least twenty hours/week, the days and times to be agreed upon at job acceptance.  There will be no employee benefits, and no paid sick leave, vacation, or holiday pay.  A sixty days’ advance written notice to Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension should be given to resign from this position.  Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension may terminate your employment relationship at any time for any reason.

The Administrative Assistant should be able to problem solve technological issues.  Should have experience with using Microsoft Office Products to include, Word, Excel, and Power Point and Publisher.  The ability to use and/or learn the Power Church Plus (PCP) System for bookkeeping is a definite requirement.


The position of Administrative Assistant requires a person who has a religious belief in God.  This person must display a professional and pastoral attitude at all times.  They should show an interest in the Church, its personnel, its ministries and its parishioners.  Personal characteristics include good communication skills, organized, creative, courteous, polite, friendly, honest, dependable, and have a cooperative spirit.  Should be able to work independently and with others and be able to solve problems/issues as needed in a Christian manner.  Their speech and appearance should reflect the values of the Church.  Applicant must pass a background check.


The Administrative Assistant will be in charge of the office, assisting with carrying out the Church’s business affairs. They will work directly with the Rector to prepare bulletins for all liturgical services and assist in the filling out of diocesan forms if needed.  They will assist the Treasurers in handling the financial affairs of the Church to be accurate and accountable for all incoming and outgoing funds using Power Church Plus.


$18.00 Per Hour


Applicant must provide a background check along with their resume when turning in the application.


Interested applicants should mail a resume to:

Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension

Mrs. Betty Brown, Senior Warden

4520 Lucas and Hunt Road

St. Louis, MO 63121

Or email resume to Mrs. Betty Brown, Senior Warden:


(December 2022)


  • In charge of the office, handling the Church’s business affairs.
  • Answer and respond to phone calls and emails in a professional manner.
  • Receive and distribute mail.
  • Send out messages using Calling Post to parishioners with important announcements, such as cancellation of service due to inclement weather, death of a parishioner or member of their immediate family.
  • Be sure there is always enough credits in Calling Post.
  • Maintain the filing system.
  • Maintain documents on the computer in an orderly manner.
  • Order office supplies as needed from Office Depot.
  • Order supplies needed for the Xerox machine from Americon.
  • Order checking supplies from Delux Business.
  • Order stationary envelopes from Delux Business.
  • Order flowers for the altar in a timely manner.
  • Retrieve Vestry minutes from Church Clerk for filing.
  • Maintain membership contact information in Power Church Plus (PCP) and coordinate changes with Rector, Senior Warden and Communications Director.
  • Prepare weekly bulletins for approval by the Rector.
  • Retrieve musical selections from Minister of Music to be included in the bulletin.
  • Find creative graphics for bulletin cover that relates to the Gospel or special occasion.
  • Keep updated list of names for the Prayer List to be included in the bulletin.
  • Coordinate with Worship Leader Coordinator to retrieve monthly list of Worship Leaders.
  • Include Worship Leaders names in each bulletin.
  • Include announcements in the bulletin.
  • Give thanks and recognition to parishioners who sponsor the altar flowers and those who sponsor the coffee hour.
  • Email finished bulletin to the Rector, Communications Director, Minister of Music and Worship Leaders.
  • Mail bulletin to members who are confined to their home or in a facility with no access to the internet.
  • File one bulletin for church records.


  1. Work with the Treasurers to keep the financial affairs of the Church in order.
  2. Distribute bills to them.
  3. Be sure bills are paid in a timely manner.
  4. Be sure that all information has been entered into (PCP) to assist Treasurers in preparing monthly financial reports to the Vestry, to include monthly bank reconciliation.
  5. Secure all incoming funds.
  6. Enter Sunday contributions and all incoming funds into PCP.
  7. Keep parishioner contact information updated within PCP.