Worship Leader Schedule -4th Qtr-Oct – Dec 2018Licensed by the bishop, Lay Eucharistic Ministers (Worship Leaders) recruit, train, and maintain a corps of parishioners who administer the chalice, read scripture during service, and assist at all liturgical celebrations of the parish. When clergy is not available on Sundays, this group is authorized to conduct Morning Prayer services. They also perform the duties of an acolyte in assisting clergy during liturgical celebrations.

Worship Leader Schedule (October-December 2018)

Worship Leaders and Acolytes should CLICK HERE  to view and download important details of the 4th quarter schedule.  These details include a hyperlink for each of you to review your appointed readings.  Please review these scriptures BEFORE the worship service for which you are scheduled.   For unfamiliar biblical names, you may visit http://www.biblespeech.com/ to learn how to pronounce the words.  Please arrive and vest at least 15 minutes before worship.  It is recommended that you save this page for future reference, and update your personal calendars.

Worship leaders and acolytes, you are reminded that if you are unable to serve on the appointed Sunday, you will need to contact another person who can fill in.  You should also contact Karen Mosley, if possible, so that she can edit the Sunday bulletin with updated information on who will serve.  She usually prints the bulletin on Tuesdays.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding worship leader or acolyte issues, please contact Margarett Williams.

Worship Leader Schedule 4Q 2018


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