All Saints
All Saints parish is the oldest African-American Episcopal church west of the Mississippi river. It began as a Sunday school in 1874. Shortly thereafter we became a mission. But finally in 1883, we officially welcomed our first ordained priest as Rector and became All Saints Episcopal Church.

1906 NPH Old Church 1024 x 768The city grew and expanded, and our church relocated several times to accommodate our growing congregation. For many years we held services in what we lovingly refer to as “the old church” located at Garrison and Locust. In 1957, to be closer to the westward movement of our members, we move to Kingshighway Boulevard and Terry Avenue.  And in 2016, we moved to our current location in Northwoods as we prepared for the transition and merger with the Episcopal Church of Ascension.

In 1887, the parish began to grow from a small living room meeting on Cabanne Avenue near Goodfellow where they adopted the name, Ascension. The members raised money, purchased a lot, and constructed a modest frame church at Cates and Goodfellow. The building was consecrated on January 6,1889.

Ascension Parish June 26, 2016

Years later, a larger brick structure was constructed, followed by the erection of spacious parish hall. By 1927, the parish boasted 500 members.  In 1953 Ascension merged with Holy Apostle Episcopal Church. The church soon began to face budgeting challenges and changing demographics. Many members left for other churches. The church building was torn down. By the 70’s, a mostly African-American congregation was established. And a small chapel was erected inside the parish hall by the 80’s.

The Ascension building was finally condemned in 1999. Ascension members held services at West Presbyterian. When St. Andrew’s Church in Northwoods disbanded, an offer was accepted to move to the current location. The first service was conducted on February 8, 2004.

Rev Renee Fenner Photo (Preferred) rev2CLICK to learn about The Rev. Renee Fenner, our Rector


Absalom Jones
Absalom Jones, First African-American priest ordained in the Episcopal Church