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NOTE: Bible Study will not be held on September 30th. Please reference the semester schedule below.

In September 2019, Rev. Renee began to offer “Sunday’s Coming” on the parish calendar.  This is a weekly Thursday morning Bible study that looks at the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday.  Before the pandemic, the 1-1/2 hour sessions were held at 10:00 a.m. in the parish hall and EVERYONE was welcome.  

Weekly attendance was good ranging between 7 to 13 people.  And when we said EVERYONE was welcome we meant it!  In addition to parishioners, we consistently got members from other Christian denominations, and from other Episcopal churches.

Participants are a mixture of all knowledge levels of the Bible. So there is no reason to feel intimidated if you are a novice to memorizing and understanding biblical scripture.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a bible to sessions regardless of which version you may have. This is how we discover how interesting and different each version is.  Don’t have a Bible? Some participants will have a bible app loaded on their smart phones or tablets. And if we are meeting in person, you are invited to use one of the bibles provided at the church.

So if you want to have an informative and soul-searching experience, please join us when you can. You may choose to participate every week, or occasionally.  No reservations are required.  No homework or preparation is required.

If you wish to review the scheduled pericope (passage from the Bible) prior to attending a class, you can follow the schedule shown below.  You may also download a copy….just CLICK HERE .  

BIBLE STUDY Fall 2021 rev1