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What to Expect

mission-and-vision-statementsVisiting a church for the first time can be intimidating and might bring to mind a few questions.  When you first step into All Saints and Ascension you will find a warm welcoming community ready to invite you to share in our faith journey.  Our greeters will meet you shortly after you walk through the those red doors.  Please identify yourself as a visitor and the greeters will assist you with signing the guest registry and getting you situated.  They will answer any questions you may have and help you get seated. You will also be provided a worship bulletin.  We use this bulletin to follow along with the order of service.

Our order of services is based on the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and is considered “liturgical” which provides a stable format for our worship service.  Some of our services include times of standing, kneeling, sitting, and singing which could feel a bit confusing to first-time visitors.  But our worship bulletin is a simple guide to help you follow along. Each service includes prayer, Bible readings, sermons, and communion.

Our Sunday and Tuesday Holy Eucharist services are led by our Rector or a guest priest.  On Sundays we worship at 8:00AM and 10:00AM.  The 8:00AM service has no music while our 10:00AM service includes music and is led by the All Saints and Ascension choir.  Worshipers are encouraged to sing along.  We sing from “The Hymnal 1982” (traditional hymn book), the “Lift Every Voice and Sing II” (LEVAS) African American Hymnal, and the “Lift Up Your Hearts” hymnal.  There is no music at our Tuesday noonday Eucharist.

Occasionally we may deviate from the traditional BCP Holy Eucharist service.  We will sometimes follow an updated Enriching Our Worship Eucharistic format.  The canticles and prayers in this service do not use familiar masculine terms.  But don’t worry, the bulletin you will be provided will guide you comfortably through this service.

In the absence of a Priest, a Mornng Prayer service is usually substituted.  This service is conducted by one of our licenced Lay Eucharistic Leaders.  No communion is administered at this service, and there is typically no sermon or music.  Sometimes the leader may offer a reflection in lieu of the sermon. But here again, you will be provided a bulletin so that you can easily follow the service.


For more details on our entire worship schedule click here.  And to learn more about the Episcopal Church click here.

Worship Service Schedule Oct. 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DO I NEED TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH TO PARTICIPATE IN WORSHIP AND OTHER ACTIVITIES?     No, but we hope that you will think and pray about the possibility of becoming a member and living a deeper life of faith and discipleship within our community of faith.

HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT TO DO DURING THE SERVICE?     You will be provided a worship bulletin when you arrive.  The bulletin will guide you through what to do.

MAY I TAKE COMMUNION?     All baptized Christians of any denomination are welcome to receive Holy Communion. When the usher releases your seating section, walk toward the altar. You may stand before the preist to receive communion. To receive the bread, extend your palms upward. When offered the chalice, please assist in guiding it to your mouth. If you choose to intinct (or dip) the wafer in the wine instead, this may be gestured to the Priest. Those who do not wish to receive Holy Communion may come forward for a blessing and indicate this to the priest by crossing your arms over your chest.

CAN I MEET WITH A PRIEST?     Most certainly! Our clergy believes that the opportunity to meet with you is a privilege.  Simply indicate this by filling out a Guest Registration Card and you will be contacted.

CAN I BRING KIDS TO THE SERVICE?     We enthusiastically welcome children! Joyful voices of all ages participate in our services. If children make noise during worship or have trouble sitting still, remember, God put the wiggle in those children.

DOES THE CHURCH HAVE A DRESS CODE?     We do not have a dress code. You will find people dressed in many varieties of attire (both formal and casual) each time you visit.

IS THE CHURCH HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE?     Handicap parking is available, and wheelchair access from a vehicle to the sanctuary or the fellowship hall is provided. However, we are currently considering renovation plans to improve restroom accessibility, and accessibility between the upper and lower levels of the building.

AM I REQUIRED TO DONATE MONEY AT WORSHIP?     There is no monetary requirement to worship with us. However, most people find that as they develop a deeper relationship with God, and become more involved in ministry and community offerings, giving to the Church becomes a very natural next step in their Christian lives.

WHEN SHOULD I ARRIVE AND WHERE DO I PARK?     Most members will arrive five to fifteen minutes before the service starts, but some may arrive earlier for peaceful contemplation. There is parking available on the north side of the church building along Groveland Dr., and behind the church building on the east side (lower level).  Additional parking is only a short walk away on our lot across the street from the church on the northeast corner of Groveland and Lucas and Hunt Rd.  Handicap parking spaces are clearly marked.  Our driveway allows for those with physical limitations to be dropped off at the front door to the sanctuary.  Or handicap attendees can be dropped off at the parish hall door on the lower level to attend fellowship and other social events.