annual meeting clip artPriest-in-Charge Address

Even though this was the second annual meeting of the combined parishes of Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension, it was announced that it was actually the first annual meeting as an officially (legally) combined parish.  The meeting was called to order at 10:14 AM on Sunday, January 27, 2019 during the Holy Eucharist by Father Dunnington as his sermon was actually the annual meeting address.

Instead of summarizing the highlights of the past year, Father Dunnington chose to address the future which includes a new Vestry, and the selection of our new spiritual leader.  The basic theme of his message was “Be Not Afraid” as we continue on the unknown, and perhaps scary, path of our merged parish journey.  Father D reminded us that this would most likely be his final annual address to us, but he reassured us that Jesus will be with us during the scary times.  

Read the entire 2019 Address of the Priest in Charge by CLICKING HERE.


After Holy Eucharist, the meeting was called back to order and the business part of the assembly was conducted.  Reports and the following agenda was distributed to members:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Vestry Election
  • Election of Lay Delegates
  • Adoption of Revised By-laws (mailed to members in advance)
  • Financial Report
  • Senior Wardens report
  • Architectural Committee Report
  • Election Results
  • Special Presentation
  • Questions and Concerns
  • Closing Prayer

Election of Vestry and Lay Delegates

During 2018, there were ten (10) members of the “transitional” Vestry.  In accordance with our bylaws, the Vestry elected to reduce the number of members in 2019 to nine (9). The following 6 people’s term has expired and are therefore rotating off the Vestry :

  • Betty Brown
  • Walter Fox
  • Michael Griffin
  • Annie White
  • Margarett Williams
  • Georgia Harrell (passed away-remaining term completed by Michael Watson)

The following 5 new members were elected unilaterally as a complete slate:

  • Rebecca Bond-Williams
  • Stanley Johnson
  • Rickey Mabry
  • Michael Watson
  • Machelle West

The following were elected as Lay Delegates to the Diocesan Convention:

  • Machelle West
  • Rebecca Bond-Williams (Alternate)

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Financial Reports

Tabulated financial reports were handed out to members that attended the annual meeting.  It included a balance sheet and an income/expense sheet for Ascension.  And a separate income/expense sheet for All Saints.  Whereas the cash flow for All Saints showed a deficit, the cash flow for Ascension showed a gained that more than offset the loss.  

The finances for both parishes were officially combined on January 1, 2019 with general and restricted checking accounts set established at nearby Simmons Bank. The budget for 2019 was not available for the meeting.  Anyone interested in reviewing the budget may submit a request to the Vestry.

Senior Warden’s Report

Michael Griffin also announced that this was the last time he would be addressing the congregation as Senior Warden.  His term on the Vestry expired as of this meeting, and he was recognized for his outstanding leadership during the merger of our combinded parish. He began his report by thanking everyone for their continured prayers and support during 2018.  He indicated that we have made great progress as we move closer to completing the merging process.  He announced the following:

  • Fr. Dunnington plans to officially retire on April 28, 2019
  • Clergy Search Committee: Brown, Griffin, Heeter, L Mabry, Thomas, Watson, Young
  • Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Joseph Chambers, assisting with clergy search
  • Detailed proposal for building renovation will be presented to Diocese after new priest is in place

Read the entire 2019 Senior Warden’s Report by CLICKING HERE.

Junior Warden’s Report

The Junior Warden’s report was submitted in writing by Prince Thomas and passed out at he meeting.  The following are just some of the highlights:

  • 2018 was a successful year
  • A merged bank account was opened at Simmons Bank
  • Security system was upgraded
  • Old altar rails replaced with railing from old All Saints church building
  • Choir seating was rearranged and upgraded
  • Hand rails replaced
  • Dreamers Committee provided groundwork for building renovation proposal
  • New sign in the back of the church
  • Proposal submitted to Diocese for new digital outdoor sign
  • Thanks to everyone who helped during spring cleanup
  • Special thanks to Mr. Lowman for light bulb cleaning and replacements
  • Special thanks to Mr. Dukes for snow removal
  • Special thanks to Mr. Briggs and Mr. Vick for shuttle services

Read the entire 2019 Junior Warden’s Report by CLICKING HERE.

Other Reports

The Food Pantry did not provide a tabulated income/expense report for 2018.  But they thanked the congregation for their extra support during the holidays that allowed them to provide extra provisions.

Special Presentation 

Before the closing prayer, a special award was presented to Mrs. Patricia Heeter.  Pat worked very hard in managing the former All Saints church building in preparation of for sale  And she took care of many details for the relocation and storage of church fixtures and other property items.   Many thanks to Pat and CONGRATULATIONS to her for being proclaimed the “Woman of the Year”!

                          The 2018 Annual Meeting Report is still available….just CLICK HERE