annual meeting clip artPriest-in-Charge Address

This was the second annual meeting as a “legally combined” parish of the Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension. The meeting was called to order at 10:27 am during Holy Eucharist on Sunday, January 26, 2020 by Rev. Fenner. This meeting followed a sermon given by the Rev. Renee Fenner.  The sermon included the annual meeting address whereby she stated “WE ARE SMALL, BUT WE ARE MIGHTY”!  You can listen to the entire January 26, 2020 sermon and annual address by CLICKING HERE.


Along with various annual reports, the following agenda was distributed to church members:

  • Welcome – Bill Young
  • Appointment of Parliamentarian – Gaylard Williams
  • Appointment of Tellers – Dawn Johnson
  • Elections
  • Financial Report – Rickey Mabry
  • Senior Wardens Report– Bill Young (CLICK HERE TO READ REPORTS)
  • Junior Warden Report – Prince Thomas (CLICK HERE TO READ REPORTS)
  • Election Results – Bill Young
  • Acknowledgement of Retiring Vestry Members (Gaylard Williams and Prince Thomas) – Bill Young
  • Reports from Organizaions (CLICK HERE TO READ REPORTS)
  • Questions and Concerns –  Bill Young
  • Announcements – Bill Young

Election of Vestry and Lay Delegates

In accordance with our most recent bylaws, the number of Vestry members was reduced in 2019 to nine (9).  Therefore for 2020, the following 3 positions expired and therefore rotated off the Vestry :

  • Prince Thomas
  • Gaylard Williams
  • (vacancy)

There were four (4) candidates on the ballot to fill a new 3-year term for the Vestry.  The following 3 new members were elected:

  • Stanley Merridith
  • Sylvia Thomas
  • Andrea Young

The following were elected unilaterally as a complete slate as Lay Delegates to the Diocesan Convention:

  • Machelle West
  • Adrience Dillon (Alternate)

Financial Reports

Tabulated financial reports were handed out to members that attended the annual meeting.  The finances for All Saints parish and Ascension parish were officially combined on January 1, 2019.  On that date, general and restricted checking accounts were established at nearby Simmons Bank.  So this was the first time a financial report was presented at an annual meeting for the combined parish of the Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension

The financial report did not include a balance sheet, so that current assets and liabilities were not disclosed to the congregtion.  However, the budget for 2020, and a detailed income/expense report as of November 2019, were distributed.  Year-to-date cash flow outlined on the hand-outs showed a noticeable deficit through November.

Our treasurer indicated that he had just received reconciled data for December on the day prior to the meeting (after the meeting hand-outs had already been printed).  The deficit for year 2019 (through December) was $33,167.79. The annual budget projected for year 2020 showed that that there will also be a deficit.  However, the parish has been informed that we will again receive assistance from the Diocese which will reduce the projected 2020 deficit to about $40K.  The Senior Warden reported that the new Vestry will begin to focus on a major capital fund drive to address the issue.

If you are a registered member in good standing at the Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension, you are entitled to receive a copy of the complete annual meeting hand-outs distributed at the annual meeting (including the detailed financial report).  Simply contact the church office.

Other Reports

Written reports from the Men’s Club, St. Margaret’s Guild, and the Stewardship Committee were distributed.  CLICK HERE TO READ REPORTS.

IMG_0807One final thing on the agenda.  This was Rev. Renee’s first annual meeting at the Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension.  Barrie Jones surprised her with a collage of photographs and documents that have been taken and collected since she became Priest In Charge in April.  She was surprised indeed!