annual meeting clip artPriest-in-Charge–Call to Order

This was the third annual meeting of the Episcopal Church of All Saints and Ascension. This year, due to the pandemic, the congregation could not meet together in person. Therefore, the meeting was held via teleconferencing technology on Zoom.  The meeting was called to order at 9:22 a.m. during the Holy Eucharist on Sunday, January 31, 2021 by Rev. Fenner. Her address was incorporated into the sermon.  The address included a recap of many accomplishments we have made over the past year including the start-up of several new ministries.  It concluded with Rev. Renee sharing her vision and hope for our church. She stated that we currentlyhave an opportunity to dream, and TO DREAM BIG! in order to accomplish this, she simply asked everyone to step up!


Along with various annual reports, the agenda below was distributed to church members prior to the meeting.  It should be noted that the order of the proceedings deviated occasionally, but every subject below was addressed.

Welcome-Bill Young
     New Vestry Members
     Delegate and Alternate
Financial Report-Rickey Mabry
Senior Warden Report-Bill Young
Junior Warden Report-Stanley Johnson (CLICK HERE FOR WRITTEN REPORT)
Election Results-Bill Young
Thank you to Retiring Delegates-Bill Young
     Machelle West and Joyce Crittenden
Reports from Organizations (CLICK HERE FOR WRITTEN REPORT)
Update on church renovations-Bill Young
Announcements-Bill Young

Election of Vestry and Lay Delegates

In accordance with our bylaws, the number of Vestry members should be nine (9).  There were two vacancies that needed to be filled for a three year term.  The following 2 nominees were presented on the floor and were elected unilaterally by verbal response (many voted yea and no one voted nay).

  • Betty Brown
  • Michael Griffin

The following were elected unilaterally as a complete slate as Lay Delegates to the Diocesan Convention:

  • Valerie Patton
  • Joyce Crittenden (Alternate)

Financial Reports

Tabulated financial reports were not distributed to members this year due confidentiality concerns releasing them over the internet.  Therefore, the financial report was presented verbally by Rickey Mabry.  Parishioners were informed that they may receive a written copy of the financial report by sending a request to the parish administrative assistant.

Due to Zoom interfacing difficulties, the report was started by Bill Young, but was later completed by Rickey.  Bill reported that we ended 2020 on a positive note. He said that we paid our full assessment to the Diocese.  And plans for 2021 is to have a balance budget.

Rickey followed up with his report for 2020 by stating that we ended the year in the black.  He reported that total income included pledges and support from Diocese for the rector and operating budget. He reported that we received support for the food pantry from both the Diocese and St. Michaels and St. George Episcopal Church. Major expense catagories are salaries and operating expenses.   He detailed what income and expenses were projected for 2021, and stated that the budget for 2021 currently shows a deficit.

The financial report did not include a balance sheet.  However Rickey did share the current balances the we had in the our general bank account, our restricted bank account and our endowment fund account as of December 31, 2020.  Other major assets such as property values were not disclosed.  Major liabilities, if any, were not disclosed.  so that current assets and liabilities were not disclosed to the congregtion.

It was also reported that we received $2000 for the sale of our church van.