Vacation Bible School 2019 APPROVED PHOTO
Vacation Bible School 2019

July 22-26, 2019 Vacation Bible School

We are very thankful to the children, youth and adults who participate in the July 2019 Vacation Bible School at All Saints & Ascension Episcopal Church… WHOOOSH! Take Vacation Bible School Wooosh Clip Art 2019Flight to Where God Leads You! was the program used. The theme Scripture was, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he that he was going to receive as n in heritance. He went out without knowing where he was going.”

We are deeply grateful for the adults who were generous with their time, resources and talents. Our adult staff and volunteers were: R. Nicole Crumer, Adrienne Dillon, Sondra Harrell, Stella Hughes, Marvalda Jones, Mildred Lewis, Laura Mabrey, Michael Watson, Annie White, Rica Bond-William, and Machelle West. Our youth volunteers were delightful, because of their energy, patience, and eagerness to assist in any way possible. We are so thankful for  Bayleigh, Camryn, Camille, Tohajie, and Sinclair. It was a true blessing to have our children: Alana, Deandra, Anjanae, Kia, Mason, Melik, Nehemiah, Tiana and Vinya.    Yes, God had to also be delighted to have 24 children, youth, and adults in the House of the Lord for five days.

Throughout the week we were engaged in Bible stories and lessons. We learned about historical African- American places and communities. The arts and crafts were coordinated with the Bible lessons or certain events, for example the children made Green books and learned why they were used in the south. The intergenerational quilt helped us to remember the story of Joshua 4:20-24, and the struggles of our ancestors in slavery.  Daily we listened and learned songs, liturgical dances and participated in heritage skits. The daily meals were provided by the County Summer Feeding Program for Youth.

We are very thankful for $160 donation to the Vacation Bible School with the help of Mildred Lewis. We are also thankful for the donations of recreational equipment, bottles of water, popsicles and freeze pops.

The Closing Vacation Bible School Program was on Friday, July 26, 2019 at 1:00PM. The closing program is included.

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